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Titanic Essay, Research Paper
The Titanic and how I Survived It
Hello my name is Bob Merlock; I?m one of the last surviving members of the Titanic. I?m here
to tell you the story of how I got off the ship. Some people think I?m a coward for not going
down with the ship, but they don?t know the hardships I went through to get off the ship.
It was the night before the ship was set to sail. My buddies and I had a poker game, and my
friend James Stevens was down one million dollars, when he had nothing to bet but his tickets on
the Titanic.
?I regret this but I have to bet my tickets.? He said,
? Come on, old man, those tickets are worth more to you than gold.? I said,
? I insist!? replied James, The cards were being shuffled, there was tension between the players,
as we all wanted the first class tickets on the Titanic. I picked my cards;up a look of disgrace fell
over the other players’ faces then I knew I had won. James had two pairs of jacks, but then I
threw down my cards-royal flush!
? I won! I won! I won!? I shrieked,
? My wife?s is going to kill me,? cried James, Then I said
? Too bad, old man! I?m going on the Titanic. See you later!? I left suddenly to go pack.
The next day I was ready. I boarded the Titanic with no problem.
? Wow! This is really great living, everything is so new.? I heard people say from the crowd of
people on the Titanic Finally it was time to go and the good-byes were said,
? Bye I love you! See you in New York.? The great monster Titanic was towed out to sea and we
set sail to New York. The living quarters in the Titanic were extremely luxurious gold fixtures
and new furniture. It was home away from home.
When the iceberg hit, I was having dinner; a loud screech came over the boat: screeeeeeech!
? What was that!? I said frantically,
? Nothing, old mate, don?t worry! The Titanic is unsinkable.? said Joey ZaZa, a first class
passenger on the boat,
? Everything is sinkable if God wills it!? I yelled, I went to the captain?s quarters to see what had
happened, and I overheard a conversation between the captain and the engineer of the ship.
? What?s the damage?? said the captain,
? It?s too much. The ship can?t handle the intake of so much water. The Titanic is going down
sir.? said the engineer,
? My gosh this is all my fault I should have listened to the iceberg warnings. Start loading the
lifeboats! The Titanic is going down.? said the captain. I ran to the hull where I began to think
about what I was going to do.
? Oh, my God, were all going to die!? I cried.? All the women who were loading the lifeboats
? Don?t say that! This is only a drill? Almost all of the lifeboats were full, but I kept helping
women in the boats. The boat was rising slowly in the air. The front half of the boat broke off
while I was still on it. The back half was at a 90-degree angle in the air. I was holding on for dear
life! if I let go I would probably hit something and die. So I waited for the boat to get close to the
water; then I jumped.
? It?s so cold,? I yelled, as I began to swim away from the boat so I wouldn?t get caught in the
monstrous suction of the boat. When I got far enough I just waited there. I was in the water for
about half an hour when a boat came to get people.
? Is anyone there hello! HELLO!? The captain of the lifeboat called out, I yelled back.
? Help! Help! Help!? they pulled me out of the water, and the Carpathia came two hours later. I
got treated for hypothermia and almost died, but I was OK. Since then no one has asked me
questions about my voyage so I just kept quiet.

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