Child Labor The Future Essay Research Paper

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Child Labor: The Future? Essay, Research Paper
Child Labot: The Future?
Since the Industrial Revolution, there has been
a constant need for labor. As the world becomes
more oriented around technology, the world demands
more sopisticated methods of productions that
increase not only production speed but quality as
Since computerized production methods seem only to
solve one of these demands, the need for human
workers still exists.
This brings up a fundamental question: Who will
do the work? Modern laws limit the minimum age a
person can began working, but many question the
use of such laws. With industry safety standards
higher than ever, do children still need to be
The arguments are strong. With safety
regulations high, children need not worry about
dangerous conditions. As well as this, many argue
about the pros to a psychological effect on
children. With modern children spending more and
more times watching TV, and according to
psychatrists this behavior is damaging. In a
working environment, children would be exposed to
more ethics, and a sense of values. Yet another
pro to this form of labor would be the value to
the economy. Lower and Middle class families could
gain a significant increase in their economies
with extra money coming from their children. It
could very much influence current debates on
welfare situations as well as boost overall GNP
of the country.
With all these advantages, it is hard to see any
serious consequences to child labor.
It could provide ways to get the children get off
the street and help nuture both their mental and
physical interaction with the world.It could very
well be a means to achieve new family
relationships and social situations. As the laws
of economy as supply and demand produce more and
more need for changes in society, in the future we
may all be called to help serve our nation in new
and expansive ways, child labor being just one.

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